New Naruto Anime Debuts Boruto’s Strange [SPOILER]

New Naruto Anime Debuts Boruto’s Strange [SPOILER]

New Naruto Anime Debuts Boruto’s Strange [SPOILER]

Today, the Naruto franchise made a comeback shortly after their second anime ended. Naruto Shippuden wrapped in March, closing a long chapter in the legacy of Masashi Kishimoto. However, Konoha could not be maintained for long. Naruto has just returned to the anime world with a third series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The new anime follows the next ninja era as the sons of heroes like Sakura, Sasuke, and more begin to learn what their ninja ways are. And, in the premiere episode of the series, Boruto debuted a strange new line of ocular blood that has fans scratching their heads.

So, spoilers down!

In the opening scene of Boruto, fans are shown Konoha after the modernized village has been destroyed. The Hokage mountain has been almost erased, and an older version of Boruto is shown battling a ninja known as Kawaki. The tattooed opponent tells Boruto that the age of the ninjas is done and that he will destroy the hidden village. Even so, Boruto believes in the vocation and tells Kawaki that he will fight for that belief.

Fueled by rage, Boruto then joins a ninja band in what looks like the one that Sasuke originally spoiled. Then the blond haired hero gets up, the seals appear on his arm while his right eye turns into something quite strange. His blue eye begins to glow white, and gifts from the blood line seem as if it were a cross between the Byukugan and the Tenseigan.

Of course, the anime will surely reveal what the jutsu is in future bows, but fans already have good reasons to think that the bloodline is a form of the Tenseigan. The ocular jutsu was revealed in manga Boruto and played an important role in Boruto: Naruto The Movie.

New Naruto Anime Debuts Boruto’s Strange [SPOILER]

If you are unfamiliar with Tenseigan, then you should know that the ocular jutsu was first used by Hamura Otsutsuki, one of the first people able to handle the chakra. Power is indescribably rare and can only be awakened when the chakra of the descendants of Hamura is found thanks to a marriage of the Otsutsuki and Hyuga families. Since Naruto possesses the chakra of Hagoromo and Hintata harbors the power of Hamura himself, his son Boruto has the genetics to awaken the powerful bloodline.

However, Boruto’s version of the Tenseigan looks remarkably different from previous representations. The hero’s eye does not have the traditional flower-shaped iris associated with the Tenseigan, but the awakened form of Boruto may differ in much the same way as the Mangekyo Sharingan does.

You can see the synopsis of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations below:

“The Konoha people have managed to change, modernized along with an era of peace. Raising tall buildings, large computer monitors for transmission of images (televisions of last generation), divisions and divisions (streets) connected to run electric cars, The way of living in the ninja era has changed …


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