Paris attacks Possible suicide vest found

Paris attacks Possible suicide vest found

Paris attacks

Security forces closed the street in a suburb of Paris on Monday, and bomb squad on the way to the scene after researchers found a possible suicide vest in a trash can.

Paris police told  that authorities were trying to determine whether the article in the Paris suburb of Montrouge contained explosives. Affiliate BFMTV said the object looked like a bolt and TATP contained suicide vest, the same found in the explosive belts used by suicide bombers Paris.

Paris attacks Possible suicide vest found

Could there be a connection between the garbage can to find and November 13 shootings and bombings that have killed 130 people in Paris?

Authorities have not said. But BFMTV and the French newspaper Le Monde reported Monday that the mobile phone Abdeslam suspected Salah was located in the area shortly after the attack.
French sources close to the ongoing investigation Review Abdeslam could have survived a week in the race without assistance. They say a lot of robberies in Belgium on Sunday and Monday, in which 21 people were arrested in various places people suspected of a role in the network that organized the targeted attacks.

Paris attacks Possible suicide vest found

Fifteen of those arrested have been released. The authorities in charge of a man involved in the activities of a terrorist group linked to the terrorist attacks in Paris.

French authorities have said that Paris attacks exploiting jihadists intelligence gaps were organized in Belgium, and slide the absence of border controls between the two countries unnoticed France.

Paris attacks Pictures 

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