Republican debate Candidates clash on policy

Republican debate Candidates clash on policy

Republican debate Candidates clash on policy

Kasich: .. “I will send a lot of power, money and influence back to where we all live … The Lord made us all especially that the Lord wants us to be together, I think we are part of a great big tile and will send back are the power and the president elected here I hope will address the issue of jobs and wages and social security and border, but the spirit of America is in all that we are in our value , care for our children, takes the neighbor command neighbor who has just lost her husband, she is fixed schools in which we live and tell the kids to stay away from drugs. I think you see what the Lord wants us to participate. ”

Carson: “We the people can stop the decline that started here in South Carolina If all the people who say,” I love Ben Carson and his policies, but can not win “vote for me, who can not only win, but us. you can reverse this. we have this manipulation by politicians and the media who tell us that we should take and how to live. people are what determine this and if you choose me as your next president I promise you that you will have someone who is responsible for each and beholden to no one. ”

Republican debate Candidates clash on policy

Rubio: “This is a difficult time in our country Our economy is flat, is not creating the jobs they once did, people struggle to live a day is in trouble Our culture now wrong is right and right is considered bad and all things … families that kept together now are under constant attack and the reputation of the overall decline in the United States. our allies do not trust us, our opponents were not afraid of us … are difficult times, but in 2016 to be a turning point. that’s why I’m running for president. ”

Cruz: “South Carolina has a fundamental choice for our country is literally hanging by a thread if another Washington negotiator, you will be doing business as usual, which deals with Democrats, rising public debt grows and give our fundamental freedoms .. or who want a conservative conservative proven way to resist and fight you every day? … If you get this wrong, if the wrong name of the candidate, the second amendment, life, marriage, religious freedom, each these hangs in the balance. ”

Trump: “Politicians are all talk, no action Did you see where they take you to 19000000000000 We will increase now that the awful budget, a month that has just been adopted by politicians today … we need a change, we need a large change, we will make our country great again. ”

Republican debate Candidates clash on policy

22:41 Bush and Trump collide again as Bush keeps track of their companies Trump filing for bankruptcy.

“As the largest business leaders in the country, using the laws of the land … I use the laws for my benefit,” he said. He accused Bush of being a bad leader because “I put so much debt in Florida.”

In response, Bush said: “We led the nation in job growth seven of eight when I went there were 9 billion dollars of reserves … during my time, we were one of two states to go to AAA rated bonds We .. I will not go bankrupt, as did Trump. ”

Calls 22:37 Trump if he heard someone told him he was wrong.

“My wife tells me I’m wrong all the time and I heard,” he said. But he demurs when asked about a specific topic.

Then he added: “I do not listen to the experts I hear Top, top people ..”

“Sometimes they are wrong,” he said.

When Dickerson questioned the use of profanity, Trump said that sometimes “to really emphasize something,” you will use some profanity. But he also said that it is sometimes accused of using foul language in the campaign, although he has not.

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