Why we shy away from saying ‘I love you’

Why we shy away from saying ‘I love you’


As a nation, this is something you are brilliant at. If there was a competition, we want to win the gold, silver and bronze. I’m talking about our unbeaten path not express our gratitude when we like something someone did. If you do not believe me, then think about it and ask yourself: when was the last time you enjoyed someone or make a sincere compliment.In the world around us, closer to home, in our ecosystem commissioning, and almost all walks of life evaluation seems lost in the heat of competition. In fact, when it comes to our world of startups, we are experts in all critical.

I have seen this pattern for many years and always made me think – why do we like? Yesterday, I was with a group of bright young employees of a young company and asked They found some extraordinary things together and then moved and become a compliment? Maybe I hit 10 of his colleagues and said something pleasant surprise “surprise 😕 He had done.

Why we shy away from saying ‘I love you’

I would blame our parents. Yes, indeed. (Can you argue with me after I tell my story.) It is also the easiest thing to do! 🙂
Our parents taught us a peculiar style of appreciation and love. Tell me if my story resonates with him.

I remember doing well in competitions and representative of discussion at school. Every time I came home with a prize, my mother smiled, I could feel their happiness and I knew he was proud of me. But what he said was something along the lines of “This is all very good, but at such and such Aunt daughter, with great oratory skills, has a project with the BBC. It’s good, but has a long way to go.” I wanted to roll my eyes, but I respect my mother too much to realize it.

Why we shy away from saying ‘I love you’

My mother constantly worried that all these small victories can go head – which is not what I wanted for myself. And he asked me constantly that all these small victories worth celebrating Me expect to be rewarded, perhaps with a small gift, or an ice cream treat or simply are not allowed to study that day. After that day, I was a winner. This narrative continued throughout my school years.

I remember calling my mother when I got my letter of offer CNBC; again, she was very happy but the separation line was, “Look at your cousin went to the US, and each month sent $ 1,000 from the parental home.”.
Sigh – my mother, some things never change. And most of us have today. We are not only comfortable giving and receiving compliments.

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